The Voice of American Happy Hardcore, Zoe VanWest has lent her vocal talents to chart topping singles with S3RL, M-Project,  Synthwulf, DanielSeven and many more top artists in the Hardcore genre over the years, and doing so helped to shape the American Hardcore scene. While bringing an edge of live performance to a genre dominated by DJ only performances, her incredible live stage show, out - of - this - world wardrobe and passionate energy, Zoe's presence as a performer has earned her a place among some of the largest acts in Hardcore. 

Zoe VanWest

Proxymo Void

Prior to coming to earth, Proxymo was a Xorian sonic weapons specialist for the Imperial Galactic Government, Stationed just off of what you would consider the constellation Orions left shoulder. During the second Spherus Magna war his thrusters and coms were shot out and left for dead, his ship doomed to float through space eventually crashing on Sakaar. Once there he took a job as sound director at the battle arena instead of being a gladiator in it. Several solar cycles later, his contract was won by none other than Captain Zoe VanWest from the Grandmaster in a game of Candyland. Since then Proxymo has been a loyal member of her crew using his Sonic Specialties to provide a dynamic live mix backdrop to Zoes Live vocal performances

The Show:

Taking a page from top of the line concert styled sets, reminescent of Cascada, Blumchen and Darren Styles, Zoe and Proxymo have developed a high energy, full live vocal performance ranging from uplifting Happy Hardcore, to dark edgy Freefom. For the last 10 years Shes been on a mission to break up the Dj only status quo and bring a new dynamic to stages across the American Hard Dance scene.

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