Have you ever bought a costume with the intention of altering it and then got stuck? Did your size change and now you feel like nothing fits right? Are you feeling held back because you’re not sure where to begin with creating your own costumes?


Zoe Dhirani shares her various tips on the repair, maintenance, and creation of Bellydance Costumes.  Be inspired and empowered to start on your own journey of creative expression with learning the techniques of  beadwork, sequining, and how to update and old costume for a fresh new look with simple tricks.  And best of all - how to do it all on budget!


Now extended to 2 hours - this workshop will be part discourse on the various methods and history of bellydance costuming, part participation in hand sewing techniques and part open workshop  working on your own costumes with the guidance of a professional seamstress in case you get stuck!  

So if you’d like feel free to bring something you’re currently working on, something you’d like to get started on, or even a collection of ideas you ‘re not sure what to do with just yet. 


Lets create something amazing together!  

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